she took him everywhere

 I started experimenting with the series, She Took Him Everywhere 
in January 2015. 

These two large paintings (top and bottom) definitely feel vulnerable to me and yet, I really don't know why.  I know it was important to me that the girls I painted look a bit unkempt, that they look a bit rough and tumbled while simultaneously revealing their old souls.  These girls are survivors of sorts, strong girls who have learned how to carry themselves and who know what they need for comfort while moving through the world.  

a few small paintings in this series that made these larger pieces possible

I finished the painting on top earlier this year and the one directly below today.  I am usually one to paint over work in process that hasn't been finished over a span of three and a half years but, something that I started and needed to say 3+ years ago, still felt relevant to my spirit today.  And that's enough.

she took him everywhere, 30x24, acrylic on canvas, 1550.

8.5x5.5 (detail), graphite, watercolor + acrylic on upcycled postcard, 75.

she took him everywhere (pictured at top),  36x24, acrylic on canvas, 1850. 


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