Bernadette travels

It started before but this was part of the beginning.  It really started on a dirt road in Colorado where Peter and I were driving.  There was this giant, beautiful cow, all on her own, no fence between us.  I asked Peter to pull over and I stopped to get out and greet her.  I never knew her real name but it didn't take me long to name her.  Before we arrived at our campsite, I had.  The name Bernadette seemed like the perfect fit.  I immediately sat down to sketch.  Another dear client who has an original cow painting of mine (titled Tender One) purchased one of these sketches.  It's even heart warming to know where this sketch is.

Bernadette was completed in April of 2015.  She initially traveled to Cello Gallery (in Bozeman, Montana) where she was exhibited and photographed.  She traveled back to me in March of this year.  I was tickled to be reunited.  I wanted to spend as much time with Bernadette before she found her new home (see hashtag Bernadettetravels on instragram).

As of this past Thursday, Bernadette has earned the companionship of someone else.  Another perfect match (in my humble opinion).

So long, dear Bernadette.  Thank you.  I feel so grateful I can say that I am passing you along to someone who appreciates and loves you just as much as I do.  You are in great hands.  Here's to the love your spread and all your future travels.  Bernadette love forever...

Where to find your cow:
Cello Gallery I am surprised no one has chosen Freckles yet!
The Grand Hand You can see the first cow of 2017 here!


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