...so are the days of my life

I have been a morning writer since I can remember committing to morning pages back in 1997/98. For some reason, journaling comes easy to me.  I have found that it doesn't for some and I am grateful this exercise of discipline doesn't require much effort on my part.   Journaling is a tool that really works at assisting me in putting my life and process into perspective.

My husband knows that if we find our house in flames, my journals need to be rescued before my art.  More art can always be made but it still takes me rereading these pages to remember how far I've come and why I do what I do.  I am the sort of person that needs this continuous encouragement.

There are alternative ways to journal.  If a constant stream of writing on a daily basis isn't your cup of tea, you may want to try a sticker sheet.  Read my post, Children don't need sticker sheets, we do!

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This is a great place to insert my motto.  Journaling is another way I create.  Every.  Day.

an avalanche of water won't make an impression
a consistent drop of water will
create everyday


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