National Library Week

a creative commitment involving visiting local libraries, 
visiting their ART shelves, perusing their children's books 
and finding one illustrator that inspired my daily sketchbook entry

Monday, April 10: Nokomis

Tuesday, April 11: Southeast

Wednesday, April 12: Washburn

Thursday, April 13: Roosevelt

Friday, April 14: Hosmer

I walked the 5.5 miles round trip to and from the Nokomis Library on Monday.  My sketchbook entry was inspired by How To written and illustrated by Julie Morstad.  Watch me read this book HERE

I walked the 6.5 miles round trip to and from the Southeast Library on Tuesday.  

In the midst of a day of errands and meetings, I drove to the Washburn library on Wednesday.  My sketchbook entry was inspired by Ideas Are All Around written and illustrated by Philip C. Stead.  Watch me read this book HERE

I walked the 3 miles round trip to the Roosevelt Library on Thursday.  

After teaching in the morning, I drove to the Hosmer Library on Friday.  My sketchbook entry was inspired by Bonjour Camille written by Felipe Capo and illustrated by Laia Aguilar.

Adding the walking element was tremendously satisfying and Brenda Ueland inspired.


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