energy flows where attention goes

I can pretty much guarantee that this is the first image I have "borrowed" from the interwebs.  I did not take this photo nor do I know who did.  If I knew, I would site them in an instant.  My apologies.  I appreciate the fact that this photo was available.

I can also tell you why I haven't taken such a picture.  Just looking at this image creates so much anxiety within me.

But I find myself describing an image like this so many times to people I work with when discussing everything from the creative process to life in general.

Over two decades ago, I was a mountain bike rider/racer, primarily in the northwest parts of the United States.  A trail like this was not uncommon in my world.  I wouldn't consider myself a skilled mountain biker either.  I just loved biking, being outdoors and the way this type of excursion made me feel.

But, because I wasn't skilled, a trail like this provided an extra challenge for me.  It's difficult to see in this image, but, generally, the median would be curved.  What is evident, here, is the incline on either side of each rut.

The strategic mountain bike racer knew that it was imperative to stay out of the rut.  This was the slower route.  If the skilled racer was "pushed" into the rut, they could bunny hop their bike out while still staying in their pedals.  I knew the ideal strategy and lacked the skills to bunny hop my bike out so I lived in constant fear of getting trapped in these ruts.  This would require me to dismount.  If I did that, I feared I would never get back on my bike.  A trail like this was usually too long of a walk from home.

There can be such a strong, magnetic force that is constantly trying to lure us back into old habits or old belief systems.  If I stare at the rut, I immediately feel anxiety and I am probably more likely to find myself inside.  Our eyes lead us just as our thoughts lead us.  But if I keep my eyes on the distant tree (I think I would pick the one on the right, here), I am much more likely to experience less anxiety and stay out of the rut while experiencing more success.

I know most of us are familiar with the idea that energy flows where attention goes.  And, everyday (and sometimes, we need to take it moment by moment), we can make the choice where to place our energy. Are we going to stare at the rut with worry or hold our gaze on the possibility of success. The rut is predictable.  We know where our old habits and belief systems and negative thinking lead.  Why not take a chance on what could be a success?

How strong is the magnetic force for you today?
Is there a tree in the near distance you can rest your eyes upon?

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  1. Beautiful metaphor - thanks for sharing insight

  2. Thank you for writing & sharing.

  3. I love that you shared this... thank you <3


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