on Brenda Ueland, art sales and joy

This was actually a facebook post that I also thought appropriate to post here:

I've been tapping into an old inspiration this week - Brenda Ueland - and one thing has led to another. I am also hand delivering a painting today to a person I have not yet met but who found my work worthy enough to purchase. So there is that. Which brought me to this excerpt (or quote) from one of Ueland's books. I've also been noticing a lot of people or artists talking about investing in art lately and yes, I do believe this is important. And yes, I do hope my art continues to appreciate in value (of course) but, I must say, that in my experience, the people I meet who purchase my work aren't thinking about investing. I think the people who are purchasing my work experienced a joyful exchange with a particular piece at a particular time. And I feel so grateful for this. And, I believe it is for this reason that I do not have to worry about where this vulnerable work (joy is vulnerable, by the way) I pour my soul into, travels. It always seems to connect with the most perfect souls. And, because of this (there are a lot of ands today), the joy continues because what this excerpt says is true for me. And I so appreciate ALL of you who purchase my work. Thank you. There are many of you and I adore you all. I am so grateful my work is with you, that I don't have to worry about it being unappreciated or collecting dust because, really, these pieces I create are very much an extension of myself. And I believe they are alive and need to be lived with. So thank you. thank you. thank you.


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