cow trails

Free Your Mind/the Rest Will Follow (24x18, acrylic on canvas, 995.) was the cow who created the segue of a new series of cow paintings either created or finished (so far) in 2017.

Why cows? and birds and rabbits?  
One thing that cows, birds and rabbits have in common is that we are all familiar with them.  No matter where we live, more than likely we usually all have access to these living beings.  Cows, birds and rabbits can be found almost anywhere.  And, more importantly, we usually observe them in groups: herds, flocks or colonies.

I hope my work reminds the viewer that although every individual is more than likely part of a group, they are also, more importantly, a unique individual.  Perhaps these groups of animals we sometimes overlook because of how often we see them, can be seen differently.  Perhaps instead of noticing herds, we'll start to notice individual quirks and idiosyncrasies in each being which are all necessary when creating community.

from left to right, top to bottom:
She was a Good Listener, 24x18, acrylic on canvas, contact for purchase price
To Be Nuzzled, 24x18, acrylic on canvas, 995. available at The Grand Hand Gallery
No Bull, 24x18, acrylic on canvas, contact for purchase price.  available at Cello Gallery
Hope is Here, 20X20, acrylic on canvas, contact for purchase price.  also available at Cello Gallery
You'll Always Have My Attention, 24x18, acrylic on canvas, 995.
Lend Me Your Ear, 24x18, acrylic on canvas, 995.  also available at The Grand Hand Gallery

all cows are wired and ready to hang

Cows as canvas prints are another option.
These canvas prints are 1.5" deep, wired and ready to hang.
295. - 395.

no apologies, 20x16, canvas print

Bernadette (36x48, acrylic on canvas, 2450.) was painted after having met a cow on the side of the road in Fruita, Colorado two years ago.  She has been and will continue to travel with me until she finds her forever home (adoption papers required).  You can follow Bernadette's travels on my instagram account @createveryday.

Thank you, ALL, for your love of cows!

For inquiry or purchase information, please contact me here.
Please know that payment plans are easy to arrange.

follow the herd (and more):
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A post on my 2017 abstract paintings is coming soon!


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    1. Jeannie, I feel SO HONORED that your person, who I find so extraordinary in your work and passion, loves my work. SO MUCH appreciation for what you do and who you are. Thank you!

  2. Oh my gosh. We may need to add to our "cow family" -- again!

    1. I love knowing your "cow family" is just that - part of YOUR family. 😘


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