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I recently read an article written by a woman with a plea to let loose and be messy.  With clothing, hair and make up "standards", she referenced these daily rituals with a quest to be noticed for living a more imperfect, more authentic life.

I don't feel compelled to wear "the right" clothing, apply make up or have styled hair.  And, because of my professions, I don't have to dress to a certain standard with every work day.

But reading this article did make me think (which any good article should make me do).  It made me think what I want to be noticed for.

I want to be noticed for the sparkle in my eye.  This is something that was naturally bright as a child.  It was lost somewhere along the way and I have worked like the dickens to uncover it once again. For some reason, if this sparkle isn't as bright on a particular day, I want someone to make me laugh. Laughter cures everything (at least in the moment) for me.

I want to be noticed for my loyalty and dedication.  Not only am I learning to be loyal to myself and dedicated to my passion with every passing day, but I am extremely loyal and dedicated to those who have shared their authentic selves with me.  Share away.  I do not care how messy you are, I just ask that you own it.

I want to be noticed for my enthusiasm.

I want to be noticed for my ideas and inspirations.

And I don't want to have to explain myself.  Please don't question my decisions (unless, of course, I've asked for your help).  I am happy to share anything with an inquisitive person who wants to learn and grow but I am not interested in being critiqued.  Why I choose to do what I do, how I choose to live and what I choose to prioritize shouldn't be questioned.  I put a lot of thought into making decisions and when I finally make one, the last thing I want to do is explain them.  After all, I am the only one who has to live with myself 24 hours a day.  If something isn't working for me, it may take me awhile (maybe even years), but, trust me, I'll eventually make the proper adjustments.  This has already been my process for at least twenty years.

In other words, I want you to notice that I trust myself.

I want to be noticed for my sensitivity and, simultaneously, the strength that is required to live as a sensitive being in this not-so-sensitive world.

And, although these two characteristics could be grouped with loyalty and dedication, it is important for me to mention these as a part from those: I want to be noticed for my work ethic and integrity.

I am far from perfect. VERY FAR.  In fact, it is very important to me that I be noticed as imperfect. This gives me more permission to work on my strengths rather than spending most of my time (and life) dwelling on my weaknesses.

What do YOU want to be noticed for?  I would LOVE to hear.


  1. I would love for my work as a psychic medium to be noticed as a trade that is helpful in empowering people in their lives.

    1. Thank you for sharing THIS. Stating this (out loud) is very powerful. Bring it on!


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