do it. create. walk and see. cut and paste. scratch and sniff.
do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

For the Love of Summer 2016

With transition comes another creative commitment!  I call this one "For the Love of Summer".  Just a wee (but powerful) way to honor what was, express gratitude and move into a mindful fall.  

DAY 1 : what are ten reasons to be grateful for this past summer?
DAY 2: map out your summer (make a list, draw a diagram...) 
DAY 3: remember (and relive) your biggest summer laugh
DAY 4: recall your favorite summer visual
DAY 5: what was different this summer than last summer?
DAY 6: dream up (GO BIG) your summer of 2017
DAY 7: create a mantra for fall

Choose the creative voice that works for you.  Yeah, even list making counts.  If you choose to share your daily acknowledgements, use the hashtag #loveofsummer.  

The idea behind creative commitments gives me another opportunity/structure to continue my practice of creating everyday.  

The tiny print (in a larger font):  Why does taking tiny steps like this really work?  For (almost) eight years, now, I have been creating EVERY day.  Sometimes my daily endeavor takes on the role of a meditation or a form of expressing gratitude.  Sometimes it's an opportunity to just focus on me for at least 10 minutes (while dropping the rest of the day away).  The point, here, is that all that is required is setting aside intentional time - just a small bit - to create (your life) everyday.  Sometimes the results of these actions create a ripple effect and this leads me to the larger picture of life BUT, ALWAYS...yes, ALWAYS, taking actions like these strengthen my creative muscle so showing up becomes less of a novelty and more of a habit.  Why wouldn't you want a stronger muscle?  If you think about it, it inspires others to show up too.  I think you'd agree: a world full of daily creatives is a better world all around.

With a commitment to creating everyday:
  • I have established a strong foundation (a "root stock")
  • I have found a way to express myself every season of the year
  • I persist (most of the time), and as a result, I am always experiencing new growth
  • I continue without interruption (the stronger the root stock, the easier this becomes)
  • I regularly repeat and, as a result, renew
  • I am unable to see an end - creativity has become my life purpose
  • I experience more rapid succession the steadier my practice of creating is

Become a part of a community that is showing up for their creativity in a small, imperfect, inspiring way every day.  Create Everyday.  

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