pelican dreams

I have been painting pelicans.

My first personal experience with a pelican was just a few years ago.  I met this one's gaze back in 2012 and completely fell head over heels.  Did you know that pelicans are known to initiate eye contact with humans? No wonder I was mesmerized...

And then there is THIS: If you consider the pelican your spirit animal, the totem for pelican uses the words buoyancy and unselfishness as descriptors.  Evidently, pelican people are able to rise above their circumstances no matter how weighed down they have become with life's challenges.  I'll take THAT.  It's no wonder I love pelicans.

If you have an interest or are curious about pelicans, I highly recommend 
the documentary, Pelican Dreams.

I have original paintings of pelicans in my etsy shop (full images of the paintings pictured above available in my shop).  Here is one:  11x14 on 140# paper, 195. (sales tax and shipping not included)

I also sell fine art prints of this gal.

Here's to more pelican dreams...


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