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do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

freedom to be

It was over one year ago on Thanksgiving that I attempted to get where I got today.  No kidding.

Imperfections in art are extremely attractive to me and, because of this, I am always attempting to loosen up around my painting.

When creating abstract work, imperfections may not be definable to the viewer.  For me, when creating an abstract painting, there is definitely a liberating, loose feeling that comes over me in the process.

Last spring I attended an art exhibit of a painter's abstract landscapes.  It felt empty to me.  Although the colors and composition of the work really spoke to me, it felt manufactured, too perfect.  I was disturbed by this, looking closely to find hints of what made each piece personal.

This experience confirmed my need to continue my explorations that allow me to loosen up.

I feel fortunate as an artist that I may have more freedom (from our culture) than most to be imperfect or messy.  For me, these imperfections in my work give each piece their own persona. And giving each and every subject I paint it's own persona is why I paint my subjects in the first place.

So why do we, as persons, strive so hard for perfection?  I have heard time and time again that "Perfection is boring" yet why are we imprisoned in our personal lives by this?  Why are we so uncomfortable with something that appears messy? And why is it so important to clean up or put away the mess AS SOON AS POSSIBLE?

If you struggle with perfectionism, you may want to start finding beauty in the imperfect.  Nature is an amazing source for THIS.

I had the amazing opportunity to meet a yoga therapist before the new year and have been taking classes from her this month.  In our last class she said (and I am paraphrasing), "When we are relaxed we are being ourselves.  When we are tense, we are trying to be someone else."

Relax.  Take a deep breath.  Be yourself.  Trying to match some ideal in your mind is just a waste of energy.  Spend that energy on discovering YOU.  I have to admit, our culture challenges this idea everyday but the more people who stand with themselves and this idea will allow others to do the same.

and THIS is my dream. 

To see the beginnings of this process (over one year ago), view here
In order to attempt to loosen up, I was solely creating with my non-dominant hand.

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The yoga therapist I am referring to is Marnie Bounds. Isn't it interesting that her tag line is "Come as you are"?  SO AWESOME

If you struggle with perfectionism and want to loosen up, I offer Creative Coaching.  See this link for more information. 


  1. I am LOVING your recent work so much. I agree. I really enjoy "imperfection" in art too. It feels so human to me. I know I tend towards tightening up, especially when painting representationally, but the desire to embrace imperfection allows me to be ok if the shapes are a little wonky, even if the edges are crisp. That's also why abstract painting is a really important aspect of my practice. I naturally get looser and looser if I'm working abstractly which is a nice counterpoint to my other style.

    1. my reply to your awesome-ness resides below. xoxo!

  2. Anika, I love how you continue to describe your creative process so well. It astonishes me how you can articulate ideas so easily. As always: thank you for reading, thank you for sharing and thank you for being such an inspirational, creative person EVERY DAY!