Lori Walters, artist interview

I am so excited to be able to share this creative soul with you.  I have only been connected with Lori Walters for a short time but Lori is one of those artists you discover who adds so much rich, creative energy to your life.  I can't imagine what my social media feeds would be like without her.   Lori's work and posts inspire me everyday.  I feel so honored to be able to share this interview with you about her creative process.  Enjoy!

Is there a particular rhythm you have around your creative work time?

i try to have the same routine every day…i wake up, have coffee+check social media stuff, feed the pup+walk him…and then i’m ready for the studio. i made the decision to do my art full-time, and so i feel very fortunate to be able to paint and make art all day long. most every day i’m in the studio an average of 8 hours.

How many work spaces do you have and how/why do they work for you?

i have one, at home…it does seem like i’m taking over our whole house! i’d love a bigger space, but i really do enjoy being at home.

Do you do participate in any creative “cross training”?

for me, reading+cooking always spark something. i love looking at photos of food+people’s homes+other artist’s work. walking on the beach+just letting my mind go…lots comes in then. i’ve taken a couple of classes, and it’s wonderful to see how other artists work…that always sparks ideas. i’m also starting to explore making pieces from recycled wood+paint+words+wire+beads+such (i made lots of them many years ago).

When do you know that you need to take a break or stop working (for the moment)?

i just ‘feel’ it…when it feels like i’m pushing things to happen, and begin getting frustrated+really doubt my work. i also know that if i'm really tired, it's probably best to do something else (other than trying to be creative)!

Do you suffer from perfectionism and if so, what techniques do you use to manage this? if you don’t what experiences do you feel are responsible for taking you off the hook here?

i used to very much be a perfectionist, until i realized that that way of thinking was definitely ‘cramping my style’…as i allowed myself to loosen up, it was so much easier+pleasurable to create…so freeing, and so much fun! this, for me, came from age+experience…growing into myself, and being comfortable with who+what i am.

Do you have a creative support system? How important is this to your process?

i do…honestly, social media is - and has been - an amazing support system for me. i’ve developed such lovely friendships, for which i am very grateful. my ‘real life’ friends/family are such great support, too. i feel very rich+blessed with goodness in the support all around me…it’s great on good days, but most especially needed - and appreciated - when the day’s not so good +/or i’m really doubting myself+my work.

contact info/links:

facebook.com/lorwalters (no ‘i’, just lori)

@loriwaltersart on instagram

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  1. you are such a lovely person, thank you kari. i am so honored+grateful for our connection...and look forward to sharing lots of good stuff+times together! with love,lori


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