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Friday, September 25, 2015

for my Montana friends (and friends of their friends)

Bated Breath, 11x14 fine art print on 100% cotton, archival paper

First of all, most of you know I LOVE MONTANA.  I spent many o' years living in Billings and Bozeman and also spent a short stint in Missoula.  My husband and I were actually considering a move back a couple of years ago and, after a difficult time weighing the ins and outs of this decision, decided to remain in Minneapolis. I also try to visit there once a year (at least).

Second of all, I feel fortunate to be represented by a gallery in Bozeman, Montana. This gallery is located on Main Street (2 West Main Street, to be more specific). The gallery's name is Cello and there is even a BETTER story attached: I used to teach the owner's daughter and have had a fond, sentimental connection to this family for over 20 years (I also share a birthday date with their daughter).  The owner's name is Nelda.  You may not always be able to catch Nelda at Cello but just knowing this, I think, is important.  I feel it important to know people's story and connections.

Third of all (and lastly).  Nelda has been a dear soul and a very encouraging person to me and my work (both as a teacher AND as an artist).  She asked me to partner with her back in 2010 and because of other circumstances, I was unable to work with her then.  When the time and space opened up last year for this possibility, I contacted her and she welcomed me with open arms.  SO COOL.  And it's been a great year with her but so many people still don't know that they can find my work in Montana so here's my best attempt at spreading the word...

Here's the contest or game.  Ready?

If you live in or near the Bozeman area (if you don't, jump down to the bottom of this post), here's how to enter:

1. Visit the physical space, Cello.  Take a photo of one of my paintings there (a cow).  Don't worry about having to explain yourself to the staff there.  I have informed them that you may be coming.

2. Post the photo on your facebook page referencing my artist facebook page, Kari Maxwell, visual artist, the title of the piece, Cello and where Cello is located.  This may sound complicated but can be as easy as this:

"I just happened to stop by Cello at 2 West Main Street in Bozeman and see (title of work) by Kari Maxwell", insert visual artist f/b link.  Post photo and tag me."

If you want to invite any of your friends to play along, feel free to pass this along to them too!

3. When I notice this post (via the tag), I will hold your name near and dear to my heart and save it on a list where I will enter your name for a drawing (done via randomizer) to receive a fine art print on archival, 100% cotton paper 11x14/12x12 or 16x20 in size (you can see one of these pictured above).  If you "win", you do NOT have to choose a cow (although you can see over 100 of them here).  I also sell prints of my other work (some examples of other work can be seen here).   Please note NOT every image I referenced here is available but many of them are.  My point here is "You will be able to find and choose an image that speaks to you."  Also, if you "win", this would make a generous holiday gift for someone.  This is a $70 - $100 value and shipping will be free.

4.  The winner will be chosen during the week of November 9, 2015

That's it.  Happy Playing Along!  Wish I could be at Cello to see you!  Sending a cyber smooch, though, in the meantime.

If you don't live in or near Bozeman but have roots or connections to this place, you can play too!  There will be a separate drawing for you.  Contact me here and I will send you an image of a piece of my work at Cello.  You can follow the same protocol as above.  The winner (chosen via randomizer) from this group will receive an 8x8/8x10 fine art print (a $35 - $40 value) of their choice.

Of course, if you just want to share this post on your page, too, that would be wonderful.  I am trying to think of a prize for this one...

Here's a hint of what to look for.  I grabbed this photo off of Cello's website.  If you look closely on the top left of this pic, you can see Bernadette.  Go see her in person!

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