night bright


Night Bright was this past Saturday night.  I felt so honored to be invited and to participate.

Night Bright is the brainchild of Ara Elizabeth (check out Ara Elizabeth Schmidt Art) and her husband, Michael Schmimsy.  Over the course of the entire summer, they have been working on converting their beautiful home into a space for a salon style art exhibit, their garden into a space for outdoor art installations and their garage into a movie house for local artists' short films.

If you attended this event, there is no explanation or description needed (although I'd love to hear your thoughts).  If you happened to miss this event, you were there in spirit.  There will be more. There is absolutely no way an event like this can fade.  An event like this can only be fueled (especially by people like you).

Thank you to all the shiny happy people that participated and attended and for LIGHTING up the night at Night Bright.  To view photos from the event, visit the event page on facebook.


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