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Friday, August 8, 2014

how I teach (art)

Each class typically experiences three distinct parts: an art warm up, time to read one or two books, enjoy a snack and the art lesson of the day.  Every individual has the ability to choose from several ideas, finding one that inspires them. The material presented is usually incorporated into the student's work.

I come to class prepared with several lessons in mind and, it is quite possible, that instead, a student will design his or her own course.  In this case, I prepare the tools while offering guidance so that each student is able to find his or her voice and experience success while expressing it.  Creativity is a force that stems from within.  Someone cannot place one creative agenda upon another.

Over the course of our three or four hours together, there is much more focus placed on the process of creating art rather than on the product itself.  In this case, tangible work that is brought home from class may not necessarily be a reflection of our class time together.  I define a successful class when each individual finds inspiration, is eager to learn and has the ability to become engaged with his or her work.  It isn't unusual to hear students humming or singing to themselves while creating in The Create Everyday Classroom.

For those who are interested in more of the specifics regarding our time together, I do type up and send a class synopsis the following day that also includes photographs.

Private art instruction is taught in a similar manner and catered to each individual.

Art classes for adults are offered as well.  These usually take two distinct forms: classes offering students the ability to explore several mediums and classes focussing on a particular medium or art making method.

Birthday parties and painting parties are the most structured classes I offer.  Although there is much freedom offered in designing the content of these gatherings, the host and I work together on developing this before the party is scheduled.

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