do it. create. walk and see. cut and paste. scratch and sniff.
do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

seek out meaning

If you want to create, seek out meaning.

We all have inklings or hunches.  We all have flickers of interest that pop up throughout the day.

Create the space in order to listen.

Jot down these inklings.

Follow up.  Investigate.

It's best to follow up as soon as possible.  If we don't, our ego quickly takes over and tells us we really aren't interested, it's not that important or there will be another spark...later.

But if we follow up, if we investigate (even if it's for a few minutes), we will be led.  We will be led to the next inkling, the next hunch, the next flicker and spark.

Being creative is like being a detective.  It really is a matter of following the clues.  The clues are there, it's just our job to create the space where we can notice them.

1 comment:

  1. Investigate! That word has recently become a regular part of my vocab as a result of watching a popular PBS show for wee ones. :) I love the reminder of how investigating and following our curiousity leads us to the next right thing. xo!