do it. create. walk and see. cut and paste. scratch and sniff.
do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

a seat at the table

a seat at the table, 20X20, acrylic on canvas

I completed this painting yesterday.  This painting is a perfect example of the interconnectedness in art.  It's a perfect example of how long ideas or concepts might sit in the creator's consciousness, waiting for the perfect time to express themselves.

This painting is directly inspired by a collage I created back in September of 2010. Even though the collage was completed years ago, the concept wasn't complete for me.  

Here is the post titled, Simplifieddated September 16, 2010:

craving the cozy, 12X6, collage on paper

So here I am, into the second week of teaching and the conclusions of introductory WARM events for the upcoming cycle. Whew! I am BEAT. I crave the ability to create without feeling too tired to stand. For today, I sat with one National Geographic and cut and pasted on the couch while listening to the vacuum hum upstairs (my husband is cleaning, thank God) and Bob Dylan radio (his choice).
I want to do more but I am afraid this is it.
Thank you.

Although this image (of a table and chair) may look quite simple to the viewer, this image carries a lot of depth for me.  I have found my "seat at the table" and I don't plan on giving it up or abandoning it again.  I have made the leap from "craving the cozy" to experiencing the cozy on a daily basis. 

Ahhhhh....the width and breath of life.
Thank you.  More please.

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  1. Thanks for an inspiring post Kari! The image and what you said really hits home with me right now. Ideas incubate. We need to keep them warm and be patient, just never knowing how or when they will hatch.

    1. Thank you, Ti, for reading this post and for sharing your words. It's really good to hear from you! LOVE the words incubate, warm, hatch. And I always need to practice patience. Happy Spring ("can't stop growth")!