a glitch here, a glitch there, what to do?

Yesterday afternoon there was a scheduling glitch with the space I currently rent for art classes.  I was so disappointed.  I felt terrible too.  I am still thinking about the parents who interrupted their Sunday afternoons, loaded their children in the car and drove across town in the middle of one of our first, official spring weather days only to realize they had to turn right around again.

I usually try to reframe a challenging situation like this when it occurs, attempting to stick to the belief that there "must be good reason".  This doesn't mean it's easy, though.  I may discover this "good reason" down the road or I may never.  In the meantime, I am considering these possibilities:

1. Parents and their children had some unexpected extra time to enjoy the weather together
2. I was able to sit and chat outside with two of my students and their mother, something we usually don't have time to do
3. Perhaps the students that couldn't come yesterday, really need to study Picasso's Guitars and now they will have the opportunity
4. What normally takes several hours, is already done.  I am prepped for next week's class!
5. I started looking for other studio space that might be available, started thinking a bit bigger (something that is scary for me but also good for me at the same time).  After all, I do have adults who continue to ask me when I am going to start teaching adult classes regularly...

It seems as if I need to experience situations like this in order to grow.  Without any glitches, I might stay in this particular location, teaching art classes for years.  It's comfortable and familiar.  It's cozy and well lit.  It's in a bookstore (and books are an absolute favorite, in close second to art).  Perhaps I need to make another leap (of faith) and grow a bit...more.  Now.

I was SO excited to be able to teach, observe and experience the children's own interpretations of Picasso's Guitars.  I'll just have to keep being excited for one more week.

Until then, Happy Art Making!


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