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Saturday, February 22, 2014

my brag (Lucy style)

I have a friend, Lucy, from my college days who I reunited with on facebook a few years ago.  We actually got our cat, Chester, as a kitten 21 years ago from Lucy when her cat had kittens.  

this is Chester a few years ago.  he is still alive and kicking
at 21 years.  he has aged significantly over the last couple of weeks.
we wish him a comfortable and peaceful
departure when the time comes.

Well, this friend, Lucy, posts "brags" on facebook.  I am usually drawn to posts that contain photos but I am telling you, I hold out for Lucy's "brags"on a regular basis.  This is why:

1. Lucy calls them brags but they are truly gratitudes.  

2. Lucy cleverly details the comings and goings of a particular week in her life and I feel like I am experiencing these events with her.

3. Lucy clearly knows how to create a celebration within the midst of everyday occurrences.

4. It is clear that Lucy and her family experience challenges AND it's the way they choose to act within the challenges or how they choose to see beyond them that makes the difference (for me).

And all of the above?  

Well, it's right up my alley.

So, here is my brag, Lucy style (but surely not written as creatively): 

I would like to brag that two weeks ago, within a period of 36 hours, Peter and I lost both of our cars.  The engine went out in his subaru on Feb 4 and the timing belt went out on my subaru on Feb 6.  This is a brag because, even though we have been experiencing the coldest winter in Minnesota history, at the time each car decided to stop working, we were able to receive help immediately.  I want to brag about the exceptional customer service we received on the phone with AAA several different times as well as with the tow trucks and their drivers.  

I would also like to brag that on Feb 3, our cars had delivered the most exceptional driving ability and required the smallest amount of maintenance to drive us safely to near and far places for over ten years.  I would like to brag that Peter and I didn't panic.  In fact, at one point, we laughed at the absurdity.  Who loses the life of both of their cars within 36 hours?  I would like to brag that my sister and her husband (my brother-in-law) generously loaned us one of their cars and that we were able to rent a car for $16/day.  I would like to brag that we have visited car lots and driven cars and yet we haven't purchased one yet because we have learned not to anxiously react to challenges but to take them one step at a time.  I would also like to brag that both of our families have been concerned about us, checking in with us and have offered to help in several generous ways. 

I would like to brag that in the midst of what has been an exhausting week, Peter and I had a wonder-filled Valentine's Day in typical Kari/Peter style.  And even though we were both more tired than usual this week, I still received my hand made valentine (a long tradition).  He got his key lime pie.  Later, after watching some of the Olympics, we went to a movie in a car rental that looked like a space ship while listening to sirius radio.

Oh!  And we're still in the game!  Wish us luck as we head out, again, to do more test driving.  We'll keep in touch!

the way we rolled.  grateful for all the places and spaces
these took us for so many years.  ready for the new!

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