reflections on 2013

These are excerpts from pages in the New Year Creative Workshop workbook that I completed LAST year.  I am currently in the process of completing the workshop this year.  Although many of the specific details I listed in the workbook did not manifest in 2013, these ideas/concepts did and I think that's AMAZING.  

my quote for 2013 is:
"Being happy is productive."

three words that describe 2013 for me are:
ease, happy, generous

one character trait I am known for in 2013 is:
quiet conviction

ways I love myself more in 2013 are:
to act "as if" when challenged with unloving thoughts toward myself
continue to be of extreme support and encouragement for P

my most significant change in 2013:
I am able to receive the life that is meant for me

TOP priority need for 2013:

Not that this needs explanation but I feel the need to elaborate.  When I am authentic, EVERYONE wins.  It's as simple as that.  It took a long time for me to really learn who I was, to let go of all the "should(s)" and "can't(s)".  Somewhere in life, I lost touch with myself and have made every effort I know how to reconnect with my true self, that inner voice.  Now that I know my authentic being and I love this being, practicing it is yet an entirely new thing.  When I allow fearful thoughts to enter, I immediately (or almost immediately) revert back to "should(s)" and "can't(s)".  This stops the flow for EVERYONE involved in the energy exchange (or lack there of).
What I need this year is to find quiet conviction in my authenticity regardless of what is going on around me.  I want more flow with everyone winning MORE.  When I am authentic, my spirit is in a generous state, I operate out of faith and hope and love.  When I am authentic, I am introduced to people and situations that only benefit me and those involved.  There is more connect and less disconnect.  I am welcoming an abundance of authenticity in my life in 2013!

More reflections to come.  Stay tuned.


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