quiet influence: a quiz

If you're an introvert and you're wondering how to develop your strengths to reach your fullest potential, I may have stumbled upon a book (and quiz) that's just for you.  The book is titled Quiet Influence and I have included the quiz the author, Jennifer B. Kahnweiler, calls your QIQ (your Quiet Influence Quotient).

Rank each statement on a scale of 1 - 5
1 never
2 rarely
3 sometimes
4 often
5 almost always

1. I take the time to be quiet each day
2. I effectively tune out distractions
3. I use my quiet time to engage in self-reflection and planning
4. I develop clear plans to achieve my influencing goals
5. I conduct research as preparation for influencing
6. I adapt my plans to respond to changing conditions and responses
7. When listening, I act as a sounding board for others
8. I tune into another's voice and body language to understand their message at a deeper level
9. I ask focused questions that help people move forward
10. I use conversations as a vehicle to problem solve with others
11. I share relevant personal information during conversations
12. I make an effort to schedule one-on-one conversations, whether face-to-face or by phone
13. I consider the receivers' preferred communication style when writing them
14. I put effort into writing when my communicating my position
15. I pay attention to details like grammar, spelling and punctuation
16. I make thoughtful choices about which social media platforms are right for me
17. I actively engage in dialogues through social media applications, contributing ideas as well as reading others' postings
18. I use social media to initiate and/or support relationships

Now add up all your answers 

76-90 very strong
You are using many of your strengths

61-75 solid
You are doing well.  Some areas could still use some attention

46-60 moderate
You have some work to do in ramping up your strengths

45 and below
You have some work to do in living up to your potential

At this time, add the total of your answers for each of the following categories here

Taking Quiet Time (total of questions 1 -3)
Preparation (total of questions 4 - 6)
Engaged Listening (total of questions 7 - 9)
Focused Conversations (total of questions 10 - 12)
Writing (total of questions 13 - 15)
Thoughtful Use of Social Media (total of questions 16 - 18)

12 - 15 very strong

10 - 11 solid

6 - 9 moderate

5 and below
room for improvement

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