a new herd

There is a new (small) herd of cows entering the world again.  It started with one on Tuesday and it hasn't stopped (for now).  In 2003, I painted my first cow.  This was my only subject of study for over six years.  In 2009, I starting creating and exhibiting other bodies of work but the cow still remains a big part of what makes me who I am as an artist today.  With my recent posts on grace (here and here), I realized (at a more deeper level) that the cow is a symbol of grace to me and the definition of grace I want to have for/in my life.

Here is an excerpt from my artist statement regarding the cows from years past.  I didn't even have this document on my computer anymore.  I had to search to find it online -- eeeek!

I currently have a relationship with my subjects that I am unable to articulate or define. What I do know is that there is a point and time when every painting is a composite of where I spiritually find myself on any given day and where I find each cow. I find what I personally strive for is difficult and I feel as though the characterisitics I observe in my subjects offer comfort and support for my path as well as a vision of who I’d like to be. Although it has become extremely clear to me that all of my subjects are distinctly individual, there is a common thread of conscious presence, gentleness and curiosity they all seem to reflect. There is so much simplicity in these characteristics, and yet, I am baffled by how difficult it is to practice them myself.  Just as the cow lies down in the pasture, getting up is not an easy task and yet she still does.  This is inspiration enough for me to get up and create movement.  
I think every person would benefit from 
having a cow in their life (or a representation of her).

Ah, yes... this is grace.

Visit this link to view a few (ha! there are 80 here) of the cows

For more information on my remaining cow inventory, view gallery representation

This particular drawing as well as a few others is available for purchase here today


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