more purpose - FILLED experience

chris larson, celebration/love/loss

On Saturday night, my husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to attend Northern Spark in Lowertown, St. Paul.  I could take the time here to write about what this event actually is, those that exhibited, volunteered their time or how this amazing event is funded.  These would all be more than inspirational topics.  I won't, though.

What I will say, is this:  This was an incredible experience.  This is one of the reasons why I am proud to call myself a Minnesotan (am I really calling myself that now? ha!)  No, in all sincerity, to be able to witness all the participants, volunteers, ALL the people that attended.  This was what was amazing to me.  Talk about collective consciousness.  Talk about people getting together and becoming co-creators of LIFE.

There is such an overwhelming sense of place for me when passion comes into play.  Northern Spark, thank you for creating yet another opportunity for all of us to witness this.   You will not be forgotten.


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