airing out (and highlighting) resistance

she's finished! by kari maxwell
she's finished!, a photo by kari maxwell on Flickr.
I can't remember how long ago I stood in the art supply store really wanting a certain hot pink pastel. I remember picking out other colors but initially talking myself out of this one. On this particular day, I decided to pick up that pink pastel and purchase it, though. Radical, eh?

Who would have thought this particular pastel would have gotten so much mileage?
I never would have guessed...


This is just another reminder for me to learn to follow those instincts and nudges - even if they don't make any sense (at that particular time).  

Another, bigger question to ask myself is this:
If it's that easy to resist a hot pink pastel, what other larger ideas/concepts am I resisting?
 I'd love to air these out, hang them on the line to dry
and highlight them with hot pink, that's for sure.
 It's time...

These birds are for sale in my etsy shop.  The cow has already found a good place to call home.


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