do it. create. walk and see. cut and paste. scratch and sniff.
do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Monday, February 11, 2013

art saves lives

portrait (in process), 6 X 6 acrylic on paper
Or perhaps, instead of making a generalization, I should say that art saves my life (almost everyday).

This weekend our furnace broke.  OUCH!  Lucky for us (well, not "lucky", no I don't really believe in "luck"), we were able to get it repaired within eight hours.  More "lucky" (this is gratitude, really)...this happened to fall on a  day when temperatures were ABOVE zero during one of our long and cold Minnesota winters.  There was more..."Darin" was in charge of answering the 24 hour service calls and was especially accommodating, sympathetic and helpful.  "Scott" who placed the visit to our home was even better.  My husband, who was ski coaching out of town this weekend was continuously keeping in touch, skiing down to "check in" and reassure me while giving me pep talks.

The fact that I felt like we were pooling all our pennies together to pay for the service did not feel good, however.  When does it, actually?

Being a person of high sensitivity (yes, having a broken furnace can easily set me in a downward spiral - fast), one that needs deep reflection, WARMTH, space and time, a place to process, witness, express and GROW, I am SO GRATEFUL for my ability to CREATE.  Creating (or painting, more specifically) is my refuge - a place to get back in touch with what REALLY matters, a place to become centered and experience JOY (even in the midst of broken furnaces).  It's impossible for me to think of anything else that has this much fire for fuel...

...although, there must be as many ways to seek this as there are individuals on this planet.

What is your refuge?  Not a distraction from the daily challenges you experience but a reminder of why you are REALLY here?
I'd LOVE to know.

Experiencing WARMTH again (both inside and out).

Happy Monday!

and here's our gal, all finished and ready for delivery

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