do it. create. walk and see. cut and paste. scratch and sniff.
do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Friday, January 18, 2013

reserving the right to change your mind

...or maybe this should be titled, "reserving the right to change direction".  Whatever "right" we are reserving, I am indeed in need of this right (and you are too) RIGHT now.

I started off January with another creative commitment: 31 days of milkweed.  I write about creative commitments here a lot as well as why and how they benefit my creative process.  Well, THIS TIME, my creative commitment accomplished exactly what I secretly hope for.  This time, my creative commitment went south...and then north (more about north later).

About south first.  In the midst of painting and sketching variations of milkweed everyday, I involved friends on my facebook page to play along with me in my discovery.  I asked them to list adjectives that came to mind when considering this particular perennial.  This was a fun play along.  I really appreciated the participation.  Several days later (and several variations of milkweed later), IT hit me.  The word I was looking for came to me.  It was "insulated".  Ba-boom!  A new body of work was born.  Yep, this is how it works for me.  So, after 15 days of "variations of milkweed", I have changed directions.  I am now painting "insulated" (yes, still variations on milkweed but with a much more specific message to convey).

nestled by kari maxwell

Does this make sense?  I started out playing with a spin on milkweed everyday, hoping to stumble upon something more universal?  More specific?  Something that prompted a deeper meaning?  A base camp from which to build?

So unless I become stumped again or unless all of the sudden, "insulated" just doesn't seem to fit right, I will not be returning to my 31 variations of milkweed.  For someone who is as disciplined as me, this is challenging (letting go - an entirely different week's worth of blog posts).  For right now, I am painting. I am creating.  And I will continue to do so one way or another.   It's just that right now I've changed directions.  I've headed south.
For those of you that played along with me on facebook, I have invited you to play along again.  If you want to be included in a drawing of a painting from this new series just let me know that you want to be involved by commenting on my artist page.  And, thanks, again, for your participation!

To read more about creative commitments, check out other blog posts here and here and here.

Oh, and I haven't forgot.  I will write about "north" later...

One more item (or two): this coming Monday is a BIG day.  It's literally one of my favorite holidays so look for a BIG post here.  Also, on Monday, we begin Days 11-15 of my create everyday online class.  It isn't too late to register.  Be a rule breaker.  Start with Days 11 - 15.  Take Days 1-5 and 6-10 another time (or now, for that matter).  It's your choice!

Happy Friday.  Enjoy your weekend.
See you Monday (smile).

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