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do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

where to work?

collage created in the car on a road trip

So....I work out of my home studio and I have for many years.  Being that I love our home, take pride in being a "home-body", and prefer painting in my pjs (or the like), this is an ideal situation for me.  The second "bedroom" on the main floor (off of the kitchen and bath - this can be important) is all mine.  I have two shelving units, a large closet, two tables, one desk, two chairs and my large easel (oh, and did I mention two windows?)  It's a great space and I have worked in it for so long that I can't imagine it ever becoming anything else.  

And then there are the seasons (in Minnesota) and my love for sunshine and spending as much time outside as I can 
because the winters here can be brutal.
In the summer and fall, the staples from my studio move out to our front porch and stay there.  I spend a lot of daylight hours on the porch with an ease of moving to and from the studio.  I once finished a painting sitting in the sun in my back yard.  Yep, I just sat with that canvas across my lap and worked away.  Last winter my husband took a position out of state and wasn't here for the winter months.  I set up shop at our dining room table and didn't clean up shop until he returned.  I accomplished so much at our dining room table it's astonishing (now that I look back).

  My husband and I take a lot of road trips (my preferred way of traveling) and it took me years to figure out how to bring my studio with me.  I've figured it out, though, and now my studio can travel anywhere...I've even taken my studio with me on the plane.  It's amazing how I can keep working (out of a carry on, travel bag) and not want for anything.  It's all at my fingertips.

My point here is this: work WHEREVER you feel pulled to work, on any given day.  Don't analyze it, worry about the mess (you should see MY mess) or try to reason with yourself why you need this or that to start.  Just pick a place and set up shop.  SERIOUSLY.  Sit with your shop.  Don't put it all away.  Leave it out. Stare at it.  Eventually the creative juices will begin to flow.  You may have to wait (see my post below) but when the flow begins, you'll be ready to go.  Trust me.

my outdoor studio at a picnic table on a camping trip

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