do it. create. walk and see. cut and paste. scratch and sniff.
do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

believe me

Believe me...

when I say "that's too much"
when I say I need to give myself something
when I say I love you
when I say I appreciate you
when I say I am utterly grateful
when I say I am overwhelmed
when I am courageous
when I say I am doing the best I can
when I say I don't need you to fix it
when you do, you demonstrate the utmost respect
regardless of how foreign it might feel for you
even though you can't even imagine the possibility of truth
when I say I have limitless love and support
when I say I value our relationship
when I say, I consider you part of my spiritual family
when I say, I think of you as my sister or brother
when I say I consider you a good friend
when I say you don't have to talk. I can feel your love and presence (wherever you are) and it is good.
when I support you
when I do nothing
when I do something
when I sit
when I walk
when I record
when I post a sign that says,
when I say I have all that I need
when I say I am so grateful for my life
when I say I don't feel well (even though this may be often) for I have asked my body to communicate my emotional and spiritual health
when I am excited (it's too hard to hide)
when I say that I haven't experienced loneliness for at least 8 years. REALLY.
when I take care of myself
when I make choices that may not make you happy
when I say I want to work
when I say I want to play
when I squeal
when I say I want to watch a movie
when I say, "I am sorry. I can't"
when I say, "Yes, I can"
when I say, "I'd love to" or "I love this"
Believe. Respect. Love.
I know what I need.
Do you?
Do you REALLY?

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