creativity amidst the mundane

As an introvert (and, I AM, without a doubt, in every sense of the word, THIS) working in an extroverted world, I have found it takes me 22 waking hours to recover from the work week.  I wish this weren't so.  I struggle with this so much (every weekend).  I do, however, in the midst of recovery, stumble upon inspiration (it doesn't always have to happen when I am rested and rejuvenated).  This photo is a beautiful example (mid day Saturday, May 2): still (absolutely) recovering, finding I can only motivate myself to do something as mundane as laundry...  
Who knew there would be a creative moment in this?


  1. This photo took me right there, laying beneath the clothes line, looking up into that blue sky. I could feel the warmth of the sunshine!


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