do it. create. walk and see. cut and paste. scratch and sniff.
do whatever you have to do to feed your soul.
this is my commitment.

Friday, January 2, 2009

feelings of floundering

happy new year, 2009!

so, what about this "new year"? It's here...
last year a friend hosted a gathering. we spent several hours together, as a group, writing about the previous year, sharing and writing about the year to come. i must say, it was quite powerful - powerful to have others (spiritual comrades) witness my experiences as well as believe and support my visions for the coming year
. once our gathering ended, i felt grounded.

i feel especially fortunate to have had some significant and powerful years down on paper - somewhere. i know they are there. and, at the same time, i am having difficulty putting words to my 2008 experiences as well as my visions for THIS year.

where am i and where would i like to go?
i feel as though the answers to these questions are far away...
they aren't though, really. all I need to do is commit to writing for an uninterrupted block of time. let me get back to you...

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