It will be one year in April since I finished my last painting.  
I know something is marinating.
But it's still difficult to be patient and show up for my work every day.
This was a playful way I showed up yesterday.
I played with color mixing and color association.

1x something I love: sunshine

1y something I dislike: beige

1z favorite movie scenekicking the can in Moonstruck (Cher’s lipstick)

2x someone I love: Peter

2y favorite superherowonder woman

2z me

3x favorite music: folk 

3y where I live: Minnesota

3z favorite dessert: red velvet cake

4x favorite place: Lake Superior

4y something I wanta new couch

4z favorite thing to weardenim

When I find I am experiencing a transition in my work (or in life), I look for a creative side project. I refer to these as creative commitments. These projects keep me creating while marking the time where I (can-not-so) patiently wait. 

In 2020, I titled my creative commitment “puzzle people”.  These collages are based on the idea that every person is a unique puzzle of physical features AND that we are deeply complex (puzzling) beings. In some of these people, the negative space is meant to say just as much - that there are still places of our person that can be undiscovered and, therefore, unexplained. View these HERE

View other my other creative commitments + ideas HERE


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