children don't need sticker sheets, WE DO!

Making sticker sheets for your child? Make one for yourself!

More than likely, we, as fully functioning (ha!) adults, fall into one of two categories:
1. we need accountability or we don't really do anything
2. we do too much and don't give ourselves credit

A simple sticker sheet can assist in either category.

Get out a sheet of paper.  List the days of the week on the top.  List the categories on the left.  If you don't have stickers, don't wait until you find some to begin.  Start with your pencil or pen, marking an "X" by each category for each day.

If you need help with your categories, start with "have to", "need to", "want to".
It's a really good exercise to separate these out.  Sometimes we tell ourselves that something is a "have to" when really it is only a "need to".

Some of us will side step the "want to" and avoid this with excuses like "I just don't have the time".

If you give yourself a sticker chart:
1. you might see how out of balance you really are and (hopefully) make the proper adjustments
2. see what you are avoiding (and hopefully ask yourself why)

or, my favorite...
3. be your own witness to yourself of how you ARE showing up for your life

I challenge you to stick with your sticker sheet for three weeks.  Notice your patterns and, as you go, make the proper adjustments.

Take it a step further.  Complete AT LEAST one item from EACH category everyday.  Yeah, that's right.  Do a "have to", "need to" and MOST importantly, a "want to" everyday.

An avalanche of water won't make an impression.
A consistent drop of water will.
(and this is another way to) Create Everyday.


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