in the midst, on the road, always moving...

I am in the midst of another transition.  This one is clearly exciting, and yet, today, it doesn't feel as such.  I think there is a part of me that wishes I didn't have to transition, that I could just "rest" in some predictability for awhile.  But, I think, that is where I can try to fool myself.  Is anything ever predictable?  Everything is always in constantly in motion.

We can attempt to control the ups and downs and continuous changes of living and life in our human ways and yet, although this is my tendency, it is much better if I accept these changes and move on from there.

A long time ago, I remember hearing a wise person say to me, "There is a beginning and an end to everything."  I remember how scary and threatening that statement first felt.  At that time, I was starving to reach some destination in life where I would be able to skip in the fields of contentment forever.

Now, I understand this statement better.  Perhaps it's because I've have A LOT more practice? (argh....)

Everything is in a constant state of motion.  It is my job to honor the present, skip through the fields of joy as they arise and anticipate happy surprises for my future.

There are a few things that I do know (for today):
1. My husband and I recently adopted a dwarf rabbit.  His name is Tucker and he's been with us one week.  I am watching him explore my living room and dining room right now.
2. I have been drawing and painting a lot of cows lately.  Who would have thought?  This is just a reminder to never say never.  I didn't think I'd be inspired to paint them again.  This just goes to show you: what do I really know?
3.  I cannot wait for the art + nature workshop for children that I will be facilitating tomorrow.  I feel lucky!  My car is loaded to the hilt with art supplies.
4. We are approaching week 2 of create everyday's online abstract painting class.
5. My husband and I will be leaving town for our "home away from home" for the second time this summer.  Usually, by August, we have already gone three or four times.  Look for a zillion pictures!  I go crazy with my camera.  Maybe I'll even video (considering this is my latest endeavor - ha!)

Happy Weekend, All!   I'll look forward to returning here next week.  Remember to skip through the fields of joy as they arise (I will try to remember too).


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