#153.3 -- still celebrating (by marking time)

214/365 by kari maxwell

Friends who know me well, know that I love documenting and marking time.  Yeah, believe it or not, one year, I documented my water intake (everyday) in ounces.   I actually used Amanda Hawkins' fun worksheets to do so too!

But this is a different sort of task.  I highly recommend incorporating some sort of recording or documenting into your life.  I think it's a great tool as a means for creating a point of reference.  Recording can also give you a good boost and lead to more insight.  And, just as important, there is such power in the written word...especially when we write it.

Since August 19, 2012, I have been inspired to and have actually done something about these things here on create everyday:

  • I designed 3 different create everyday online classes
  • I practiced 5 monthly creative commitments: Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan and March
  • I have a new website that keeps evolving (thank you heather l murphy art + design!)
  • I intentionally practice purposeful experience (thanks for the push, accidental creative)
  • I have completed 16 book reports
  • I have written 152 blog posts
  • I figured out a way to introduce myself (not an easy task, I say)
  • I designed the thank you 2012...hello 2013 workshop
  • I came up with a more efficient system for painting commissions
  • I designed 2 - 30 day Creative Commitment Challenge workshops: February + May
  • I posted 12 artist interviews
  • I developed a creative coaching business
  • I started drawing with pastels
  • I developed and started teaching my art curriculum for children
  • I designed an abstract online painting class
  • I completed my first video (and a few more)
  • I have a very rough draft of my very own press kit
  • oh, yeah, AND I finally got on instagram too

There's more.  I like to do this too:

  • That's a new 5 day class every 4 months
  • That's creating one piece of work everyday for 210 days
  • That's 1.3 book reports a month
  • That's 2.9 posts a week
  • That's one artist interview a month

Thank you, readers, for making all of THIS more possible.

p.s. Regarding the create everyday giveaway: the lucky recipients have been chosen.
Look for a video announcement soon!


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