Today marks the 153rd post since I committed to this blog exactly one year ago.  I try to only blog if I have something "meat and potatoes" worth to say.  Yeah, you won't find much fluff here.  Oh, and I don't really eat that much meat either but...well...you get my drift.

I made it!  I am STILL HERE.  This is BIG.

Although I started this blog in 2008, I never really made an intentional commitment to it.  For some reason, last year, on August 19, I did.  I stuck with this blog and created everyday in some way - especially in the written and visual form.

At create everyday, I share a lot about the importance of celebrating milestones...especially small ones.  Well, this one is big, large, GIGANTIC.  Have I said that already?  I am going to celebrate for as long as I need or want (by the way, I encourage this with small milestones too).

I will be sharing the various ways I am celebrating with you, here, this week (and possibly in the weeks ahead).

Here is how I want to celebrate today:
1. Visit my blog (oh!  you are already here, aren't you?  FANTASTIC.)
2. Move your eyes to the right (you may have to scroll down just a bit?) and click on that blue sky with those white fluffy clouds (I DO like this kind of fluff, yes).  The image says "TOP FIVES".
3.  Choose a post from this selection that specifically speaks to you.  Tell me why in a comment via THAT particular post but don't publish it until you've read what's below:

I want to give away a cow drawing,
a small bird painting,
an 8x10 photography print,
 a small abstract painting,
a 5 day "create everyday online class"
and one creative coaching session
::::::So...before you publish, let me know in your comment which give away you'd prefer::::

4. Include with your comment your give away of choice

At the end of this week, I will enter all those who submitted comments into randomizer.  On Monday, I will announce the lucky recipients.

Thank you for playing and celebrating along with me!

For the record, I have only just begun.

Cheers!  Happy Monday, Everyone!


  1. Goodness what fun I always love a good giveaway! I liked many of your top fives but today the soundtrack was fitting. Mostly because i admire your courage to camp alone! I've been mostly home all year with a sick kid. I crave some time away. I may end up doing a retreat at home when she goes back to school. My sister owns a few of your cows. I'd love a cow drawing or a small bird. Thanks for the chance for fun!


    1. Deborah, next time you experience your own retreat, I can't wait to hear what's playing on YOUR soundtrack (in your head). Cheers!

  2. Late to the party, but a HUGE congrats to you friend!

    1. the party is just getting started! SO GLAD you are here!


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