the october - somethings

I noticed that there was a lot of reference to yesterday and it being the first day of October.  It prompted me to think of why I hadn't chosen to mention it.  

If you have paid any attention to my blog, you know my love and affection for summer.  In addition, I have always been fond of September and what the month represents: the anticipation of going back to school and beginning a new school year, the endless aisles of school supplies, the indian summer, the vision of reading on grassy knolls under breezy trees, taking that one, last camping trip...  You've got the picture...

But what does October offer?

In November, I usually have a reunion with my girlfriends (this year, we are meeting on the coast of Oregon).  In November, the light changes significantly with "fall back" (arrrgh).  This marks a new season in my creative life (actually, my life in general). In November 2010, I started a daily journal of my own solitude (inspired by my love and adoration of May Sarton's journal).  Yesterday, I started preparing another journal for this time again.  November is also art everyday month.  Although I attempt to create every day, it's inspiring to be a part of an art everyday "movement".  Last November (2011), I painted a portrait everyday.  I cannot wait to see what I choose to do everyday this year.

But what about October?

Hmmmm....Interestingly enough, yesterday's reference to three days has now prompted the idea of three months.  There are three months left in 2012.  Many of my visions have manifested but where do I need to place my intentions for the remaining?  Is there anything I want to add?  What can I be developing THIS month to honor, mark and stay present to THIS month of October?  This is what I am pondering for today. 


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