revisiting the october-somethings

day 1, october 2012

So, here's to October (yeah, I know, we're 5 days in already).  In a recent post, I mentioned that I felt very vague about October.  And, with acknowledgement - viola! - comes clarity.  
I came up with a few items I am going to accomplish in October (I'll worry about November a little later).

1. Go through my closet.  Donate anything I don't adore (or can't use in a creative manner).  Put the summer clothes away (sad face here) and make room for the influx in new, lovely winter pieces.

2. With my love for "arrangements" in the corners of people's homes, I started the October Project, a drawing project I am committing to doing everyday guessed it, October.

3. My husband and I spent a lot of time this past spring de-cluttering our home, removing anything and everything we don't cherish or find useful.  The garage is full and we need to have a garage sale!  October 20th is THE day.  This gives us a little more time to do one more final sweep of our home.

4. I am facilitating a five day, create every day online class beginning October 15.

I am thinking there must be ONE more thing.  I'll get back to THIS about THAT as soon as that becomes clear.

Oh!  I know!  I know!

5. I am going to make every attempt to keep our dining room table clear of everything it attracts on a daily basis (believe it or not, this one seems the most impossible)

Happy October (5 days late)

day 5, october 2012


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