purposeful experience

I was thumbing through Todd Henry's book titled, The Accidental Creative.  The format of this book was a little challenging for me but I did pick up on something that, more or less, I needed to be reminded of (the benefit of picking up ANY book, really).  The author suggests that one set aside time each week for personal study, notation and purposeful experience.  I do the first two already.  They have become habits I am happy to have.  I know the importance of purposeful experience and try like the dickens to incorporate these into my week.  Purposeful experience, Henry says, "grow the reservoir from which we draw insights".  He offers suggestions of places to start looking for purposeful experiences: take a walk (I would suggest walking somewhere you haven't), going to a museum, being of service to someone, attending an uncomfortable event (I would rephrase this by 
saying an event that stretches your comfort level). 

In my life, the first event that gets pushed aside is purposeful experience.  Giving purposeful experience priority over house cleaning, laundry, and bill paying still hasn't happened yet.  When I am trying to juggle my life and it feels too full, purposeful experience is the first thing to go. Perhaps I will spend the rest of this month recording (notation) the purposeful experience that happens without any planning on my part.  Perhaps in November, I can commit to sticking to my schedule of at least one purposeful experience per week.  After all, it only takes 3 weeks to create a habit.  

The photo above was taken in a different part of town.  A place that I don't usually travel.  I was in the car with my sister and we were on our way to dinner (to a place we usually don't go).  I asked her to stop so I could take a picture. This will have to do for now, purposeful experience.  
Meanwhile, I'll keep in touch.


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