purposeful experience (revisited)

island, st croix river, October 23

If you follow my blog, you may remember one of my goals for October was to document my purposeful experience (see October 11 post). I am preparing for more purposeful experience and less to fall by the wayside.  

This past Sunday included a road trip to Marine on St. Croix, a cyclocross race in the hills, a visit to an antique store and a picnic on the river.  We wrapped up the day by attending an art exhibit/reception featuring Alis Olsen.  

It was at least a 75 degree day and was thought to be one of the last beautiful fall days.  It WAS a beautiful day AND the activities DID fall under the category of purposeful experience. I can't remember having such a day in quite awhile.  I am sure the last time I experienced anything similar, it was on vacation this past summer.  

Last night we attended the Guthrie's performance of Appomattox.  I had heard it was especially long and went quite late.  I had given myself permission to leave at intermission  Perhaps another way of breaking the rules?  Indeed.  AND, this permission got me to the theater in the first place when all was said or done.  On a side note, though, we decided to stay, and were SO GLAD we did. 

It isn't just all fun and games while seeking purposeful experience.  I noticed that I was more tired than usual on Sunday evening and this morning my husband and I are suffering from a lack of sleep due to a late night on the town.  I have, however, done it.  I haven't allowed purposeful experience to fall by the wayside. At least not this week...


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