for the love of the cow

mellow yellow, 24 X 24, acrylic on canvas, framed

For those that have followed my work for many years know I used to paint cows.  I can't even tell you how many cows I have painted but I feel fortunate that most of them have found good homes.  Cows are no longer my subject when painting although, every so often, I feel compelled to paint one again.  When on road trips, I always stop to talk with/photograph cows.  I keep a tall set of rubber wading boots in my car and have been known to wander out in the fields to greet them.  They are such large animals and yet seem to portray such gentle contentedness. I feel grounded when close to them.  They are such good therapy for me.  Who would EVER guess?  Evidently, others feel the same. Do you love cows?  What attracts you to them?

The image above is of a cow I visited this past summer on one of my favorite highways along Lake Superior.  She is acrylic on canvas (24 X 24), framed and available for sale.

The image below is of Mill Valley Gal.  She adorns the walls of Mill Valley Kitchen, a farm to table restaurant located in southwest Minneapolis.

mill valley gal, 33 X 33, acrylic on hand stretched canvas


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