look who broke the rules

I was born and raised a rule follower.  It's not that much fun. It also requires a lot more courage to take risks.  I still typically follow the rules.  But, when it comes to creativity, there aren't any rules I follow.  I am a self taught artist.  I broke all the rules because I didn't know the rules in the first place.  This has given me the freedom to discover without inhibition through play and experimentation.  It has also given me the joy of  continuously viewing the creative world through the eyes of limitless possibility.  As a result, this view has had a tendency to leak into other areas of my life that can use more width and breath.  

We all know people who break the rules just to break them.  I find no value in this.  I am inspired, however, by people who push their comfort level by following that untamed drive to create.  Van Gogh broke the rules of perspective in his paintings (not to mention everything else).  Helen Frankenthaler poured paint onto untreated canvas (heaven forbid!).  Georgia O'Keeffe chose to paint bones because they are what she saw everyday while walking.  I especially LOVE how O'Keeffe chose to live.  She broke the rules by not attending a lot of her art exhibits (they drained her)and by choosing to live alone in the desert.  

Who are your favorite rule breakers?  
Why are they inspiring to you?


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