late charges

Have you seen Goodwill Hunting?  Remember that scene where the three go to a Harvard bar just for fun?  There's a great quote from that scene (well, there are actually several).  This is the one that I am thinking of at the moment, though: "'ll realize that you wasted $150,000 on a fu**ing education you could of got for $1.50 in late charges at the public library."

I am college educated and grateful for my experience, actually.  What's fantastic about this quote, though, is that it opens up the opportunity for yet another form of education: one that you design yourself.  

I am in a season of my life where I am reading a "good" book about every five days.  As a young adult, I used to think I was a slow reader.  Turns out this was just because I spent a lot of time reading what I thought I should (or, what was "required").
I also used to think I was very difficult to please.  I found I wasn't able to pinpoint any particular style or genre.  With this bewilderment, it was difficult to create a reading list on my own.  

Now, instead of having a list, I have found I need to trust the process.  I am finding that once I read a good book, that book naturally leads to several other possibilities and there is usually one that grabs my attention and leads me to the next.

What book is worth accumulating late charges?  
Read on (if it's THAT season)...
Reading opens up our world to a broader vision that naturally fosters the creative spark.  

"Reading, like writing is a creative act."  
-Ben Okri

p.s. I think it's important to mention that this is my "season".  It many not be yours.  I have lived other seasons of my life where the only time I could read was on a week-long vacation or on a rainy weekend afternoon.  Given another opportunity, I would fall asleep no matter how interesting, engrossing or captivating the book.  I am sure I am not alone here.  If this better describes your current season, what fosters your creativity now?


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