it takes three days

It takes three days.  This has been and continues to be my reality.  After two consecutive days of external stimulation, when all I have is a desire to create -- something, anything -- everything -- is suddenly foggy and muddled.    

I have found on a consistent basis that the first day back to my regular routine is purely a day of recovery. The second day I begin to feel my equilibrium.  On the third day, I can feel the flicker and spark within me again. 

--- Oh, and by the way, if I let this be, if I don't force this to be otherwise, or try to rush this process, on day four, there is  a strong possibility I can be skipping through the fields of life (more on that later...)----

I've spent too much of my life ignoring my rhythms or trying to train them to be otherwise.  Well, guess what?  They are still here.  

Know your rhythms.  Work with them.  Play with them.  
See how different it can be when you let your rhythms breathe.

Each step has something to offer you.  
All you need to do is receive.  
That's right, just count to three...


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