excited for november?

my cabinet of curiosities

I have NEVER been excited for November to arrive in Minnesota. EVER.  In November, the indian summer has been sure to pass, the time changes, the darkness "overcomes", it's COLD...My girlfriends and I have always had a reunion in November (this year we are going to Cannon Beach) and I have always looked forward to this, my last hoorah, so to speak. But there is something else I am looking forward to THIS November...

I usually come up with a creative commitment on a monthly basis. I have never entirely committed to a sketchbook project as many times as I have tried.  But... I found this book AND I am in the process of transforming it into a sketchbook AND I am SO excited to start.  I want to begin today (7 days early)!

I started creating a "curiosity cabinet" earlier this week: a collection of images that will serve as daily prompts for my sketchbook.  The themes that evolved from this process were exciting to discover: animals, sunshine, succulents, home, bowls, and road trips.  I have started adding to the back as well.  So far I have books and quotes.

Today, I'll bide the time by finding more images to add to my curiosity cabinet as well as work on preparing the sketchbook itself.  Oh yeah, and there is my October Project...

See my current October Project here.

See the portrait project I completed last November here


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