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ballroom marfa by kari maxwell
ballroom marfa, a photo by kari maxwell on Flickr.

Do you have one?  A bucket list?  For some reason "bucket" doesn't sit well with me so I call mine a "life list".  I've started contemplating my list over the last few years and here's what I have so far:

1. I am going to spend one summer traveling/camping/living out of a volkswagon vanagon

As a side note:  I could camp ALL SUMMER so never mind the snickers and eye rolls.  Also - I just want a vanagon PERIOD.  Have wanted one for over fifteen years.  One is on it's way, I am convinced of it...

2. I plan on coming face to face with a fox. 

3. I am going to attend the late night cycling criterium in Red Hook with my husband in March sometime in our near future. 

4. Ever since I read Watership Down, I have wanted to raise a rabbit.

5. I plan on retracing the steps of my childhood in northern california: muir woods, fairfax, st. anselm's, drake, mount tamalpais, stinson beach, the walk to Redhill...

6. With my adoration of sand, exploring the Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan are in my future.

7. I plan on traveling a montana road-less-traveled.  Instead of the usual visit, I plan on staying at Fairmont Hot Springs AND hiking in the Pintler mountains (this was just added earlier this week from photos of friends who spent time in the Pintler's backcountry)

8. I plan on living in a warehouse, close to a large body of water or a mountain range where I will live and work.

9. Although we've been to Marfa, TX once before, I plan on going again and spending more time exploring the outskirts.

10. I plan on attending a Quaker meeting.

These are just a few.
My life list is full of possibility, anticipation and joy.  These items get to ebb and flow as I see fit.  
At this point, I don't need to figure out "how", I just need to figure out "what".  
There's a lot of power in a life list.

see more of my photos from marfa here


  1. Love your bucketlist!!!

  2. very nice bucket list! Very adventurous!

  3. Ha! Even with the absence of traveling 'round the world, helicopter skiing and skydiving? Thanks, Edgar.

  4. I love the Quaker meeting part. Having gone to a very old Quaker school in Philadelphia, I highly recommend going to Meeting for worship in an old meetinghouse, it seems to add to the depth of the experience.


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