an authentic reflection

Have you ever noticed how quickly someone gets you?  Without much conversation or explanation?  Have you ever thought how that works?  It's even more incredible when juxtaposed with those people you feel you could spend your life listening to/sharing your experience and yet, they continue to be the furthest away. 

There is such relief in the former. It's like you can breathe deeply in an open space.  Within this space is a mutual respect and understanding that sometimes words cannot express.  I truly value these relationships (they have come about in the most unconventional ways) and I could start listing them now. Instead I want to share an experience that happened this weekend.

My homepage on my computer is set to  See, I don't even know if I can explain THIS properly.  When I choose my browser, I am immediately linked to my website.  OK, here's the deal, though.  On Saturday morning, my homepage was different.  All of the sudden it was expansive.  It was simple.  It was diverse.  All of the sudden I felt like I was looking in the mirror at me.  How did that happen?

Two months ago, an artist and website designer in Charlotte, NC started working on the idea of a new website with me.  It only took one phone conversation and a few emails and texts for her to create what has now been created.  This is because she knows her stuff. She speaks a language (in the web world) I do not speak and she doesn't need me to learn it.  More importantly, she is passionate about art (she's an artist herself) and the person behind it. Her delight and fervor while in the process of creating is contagious.  What may seem like a linear project becomes an all encompassing experience of wonder.  No kidding.  

Who is she?  Her name is Heather Murphy (Heather L Murphy art & design).  You can read about her here.  Check out her mixed media work on her etsy site too!

Heather, not only do you have the skill and the eye, you have the depth and breath. Thank you for creating an authentic reflection.  


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