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Thanks to someone else's feedback (that they'd like to hear about other artists and their creative process), I sent word out to see if anyone was interested in participating.  I received a wealth of response.  From now on every Wednesday will be dedicated to an artist interview (until it isn't).  
Here is my first participant: introducing... Claudia Poser.  Thank you, Claudia, for jumping on board.

claudia poser, evolution, 21"x 21"
Is there a particular rhythm you have around your creative work time?  If so, what does it look like?  

It depends on the constraints in my life.  I’ve found when I’m busy because of external scheduling ( like when my daughter was younger, or currently because of caring for an aging parent) I work more efficiently, whenever time is available.  Right now that means in the afternoon, and sometimes again later in the evening.  I have to use the short chunks of time I can find.  Ideally, I prefer a long day with no interruptions. That allows me to experiment and allows my creativity to blossom.  Even better is a series of days.  Those are hard to find right now. So I make do with what I can get.

How many work spaces do you have and how/why do they work for you?

I have a studio and an office at home.  My studio is shared with a couple of other artists, but schedules vary, so I get some solitary time and some social time there.  This gives me a nice mix of solitude and support.  My studio is for my ceramic work.  I also work in metal clay and mixed media.  That work can be done in short bursts, so I do it in my home office.  

Do you do any "cross training" (activities that may enhance or spark your creativity)?

Walking and more walking. Photography while walking.

Where do you seek inspiration for your work?

I go to galleries and poke around on the internet.  

Generally, how long are your work periods?

4 - 6 hours

When do you know that you need to "take a break" or stop working  (for the moment)?

I used to get totally absorbed and forget my body, but as I’ve gotten older, it lets me know when I need to stop.  I consciously try to take a stretch break every 20 minutes or so.

Do you suffer from perfectionism and if so, what techniques do you use to manage this?  
If you don't, what experiences do you feel are responsible for taking you off the hook here?

I suffer from perfectionism in other areas of my life, but for some reason I don’t when it comes to art.  Whenever I am tempted I remember what Margaret Atwood said about writing: “ The writer’s best friend is the trash can.”  Applies to any medium.  

Do you have a creative support system?  How important is this to your process?

At the moment my creative support system is frayed.  I used to have a very regular writer’s group and a regular art group.  I am in the process of trying to decide whether to consciously try to rebuild one or both of these, because I really need someone to keep reminding me that art is worth doing.  Otherwise I slip into feeling that devoting so much energy to creative work is self-indulgent.  

claudia poser, galaxy, 5.5'x10'

more about Claudia Poser:
My art training has been eclectic. I was born in Germany to a mother who was passionate about art history and travel, so I became intimate with art and museums at an early age. I grew up steeped in modernism and Scandinavian design. As a teen and in my twenties, I haunted contemporary art museums, absorbing art movements by osmosis. When I decided to change careers in 1989, after ten years as a polymer scientist, I first turned to writing and for relaxation began to study ceramics at Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, where I became a studio artist in 1995. I participated in the WARM Mentor Program from 2006-2008.  I have recently published a memoir based on my immigrant experience and my childhood shuttling back and forth between East and West Germany.

Where to find Claudia Poser:


  1. What a wonderful idea and thoughtful post. Artists are always bearing there souls, but it's nice to see/feel/hear them revealed by their own words. I will be looking forward to Wednesdays.

  2. Thank you, Markus! This is going to be a fun project, I think, for ALL involved. I have MANY artists of different crafts already in the line up. Yay!


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