create everyday e courses

Would you like to foster your creativity while cultivating a daily discipline?   

Are you feeling the desire to be creative and having difficulty knowing where to start? 

I offer create everyday e courses that provide a wealth of inspiration, creative ideas and variations for any skill level

create everyday class participants will receive:
  • a daily, inspiring email from yours truly
  • a thorough, step by step approach to each exercise 
  • several visual examples of each activity 
  • the opportunity to access our flickr group
  • the ability to view others' interpretations of the same exercises
  • become a part of a small community of people dedicated to creating everyday

  • With a commitment of 30 minutes a day, participants can reap the entire benefit of this class  
  • Any skill level can participate (think of it like a yoga class for creatives) 
  • Simple exercises will be presented and each participant can decide how far he or she wants to take them  
  • Variations for each exercise are also included
  • Create out of the comfort of your own home, on your own timeline 
  • Once the class begins, projects can be accessed at anytime, night or day


A five day course is $35 and is paid via pay pal (the option to continue with days 6-10 and days 11-15 are available too).  

*ALL five day courses can also be adapted to/paced over one month, 
allowing each participant to dive more deeply into each project.

Once registered (do this by contacting me here), you will receive an enthusiastic, inspiring WELCOME from me, a simple supplies list, access to the private flickr group's website as well as my own personal "pep talk" on preparing for this class.

I look forward to hearing from you.  

Kick off your creativity today!

Although I am a visual artist by trade, this isn't an art class but a way to foster creativity and cultivate a daily discipline.  If you are a practicing artist as well, this class could be considered good cross-training!  Try it out!

© kari maxwell create everyday

I am currently celebrating THREE years of this project.  Yippee!  
Get FIVE days of creativity NOW for only $25 per household.


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