Guthrie, 16x12,  acrylic on canvas, 450.

My moods are reflected in the personality of my paintings.  I suppose this could be the case for any artist.

Well, this has always been the case for me (since the days of the continuous cows).  At that time, I really appreciated the cow being the voice of my internal reflections.  They were so supportive in the beginning stages of this art career I have slowly built.

This wee guy, here, reflects a playful mood that is rarely expressed on canvas.  And what a relief when this playful persona arises.  So much of the time I feel as though I am mulling through such internal intensity.

What do you suppose is the catalyst for this mood today? An upcoming holiday weekend?  Anticipating the opportunity of working with young artists this Wednesday?  Sunshine?   Who knows.  I'll take it though.


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