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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I Have A Dream Weekday Workshop

Yesterday we came together and celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by creating art, reading books, and singing songs.

We started class by looking through different children's books on the subject of Martin Luther King and finding portraits of him by different illustrators.  After identifying one illustration as their source for inspiration, the children traced, cut, and used collage/drawing methods to complete their own portraits.

We discussed various ways of creating lines in art and the students used these methods to decorate the border of a Martin Luther King photograph.  The children also traced some of King's famous words.

We read some of Martin Luther King's famous quotes and some of the children chose to create an additional piece.

Over the course of the class, the children worked on creating their own letters for their DREAM posters.  Right before lunch, the children painted their posters as a group.

We took a snack break mid-class and read three books about Martin Luther King, Jr.  Many of the children are familiar with his story and message.  We discussed examples of how we might live out Martin Luther King's dream.  We also talked about our own dreams and how we might decide to take steps towards these.

p.s.  There were new songs added to the old playlist from last year.  Some of the students who participated in last year's workshop would respond with much enthusiasm when hearing some of these older songs.  ahhhh...sentiment.

Martin Luther King, Jenny Bird
MLK, Chicago Children's Choir
Your Grandpa Marched with Martin Luther King, Neil Comess Daniels
Martin Luther King, Jr. Gina Deeming
Martin Luther King, Cathy Fink
Martin Luther King, The Kiboomers
M.L.K., The King's Singers
Martin Luther King, Frank Leto
The Ballad of Martin Luther King, Mike Millius
 We Shall Overcome, Bruce Springstein
Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, Trout Fishing in America
Martin Luther King, Jr. Quote, Wee Sing
Happy Birthday, Stevie Wonder

to the tune of "The Old Man"
Let Us Keep His Dream Alive
This young man had a dream;
In his eye he had a gleam.
We must love each other to survive.
Let us keep his dream alive.

He believed man was good;
He had dreams of brotherhood.
We must love each other to survive.
Let us keep his dream alive.

All hands join, let us sing;
Let the bells of freedom ring.
We must love each other to survive.
Let us keep his dream alive.

We can learn from the past;
Then we'll all be "free at last!"
We must love each other to survive.
Let us keep his dream alive.

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